At our Sanctuary of Grace Thanksgiving party on Thursday, 20 children who had just finished their first year, either in Kindergarten or Primary 1, were running around, smiles across their faces as they celebrated. Others were gathered too, parents, local government, church leaders, sisters and brothers, friends.

As the choir came to sing their praises to the heavens, a familiar face was among its members-a girl now grown into a young woman.

Anna was part of the inaugural P7 class at Sanctuary of Grace, one of the first children to receive a Roots to Fruits education. Tight hugs were given. Life events exchanged now 5 years later. She excitedly informed she had just finished secondary school and was enrolling to become a nurse.

Getting the opportunity to study in a school where giving changes lives and where critical thinking is the focus is rare in Uganda. Now Anna will journey into nursing school with a different perspective because the roots laid down have now grown into fruit.

Anna’s critical thinking skills will create positive change for her future. Be part of impacting lives just like hers.